JM@C Productions has been involved in commissioned illustrative work since the 1990’s.

Illustrating for the opening of City Central, the SA Government 5 Star Green Building

For a snapshot of historical work, please see my BlogFolio at: http://jonathansblogging.blogspot.com/ . Also, see my table of historical work below.

Historical Timeline:

A timeline of JMAC Productions’ cartooning, comic and writing releases from 1988 until the present day.

Year ReleasedRelease TitlePublisher
1988The TreeStradbroke Primary Publishing
1988The MonsterStradbroke Primary Publishing
1988Sparks! Stradbroke Primary Publishing
1991Jon & TomSelf Published
1994Jon & Tom: The Thieve’s DenSelf Published
1995Norwood Morialta HS – comic strip Series 1Norwood Morialta HS
1995Norwood Morialta HS – comic strip Series 2Norwood Morialta HS
1996Norwood Morialta HS – comic strip Series 3Norwood Morialta HS
1997Norwood Morialta HS – comic strip Series 4Norwood Morialta HS
1998Norwood Morialta HS – comic strip Series 5Norwood Morialta HS
1999Norwood Morialta HS – comic strip Series 6Norwood Morialta HS
1999Jon & Tom: King Emrawld’s CrownSelf Published
1999The Night of McG’sSelf Published
1999Political Comics – One Panel Comics (unused)Savvy TV (Free to Air Australian TV)
2000‘Zero to Hero: A Christian Options Program’. Written by James Krieg and illustrated by Jon McScripture Union SA
2000Norwood Morialta HS – comic strip Series 7Norwood Morialta HS
2001Norwood Morialta HS – comic strip Series 8Norwood Morialta HS
2001Sunshiners Program CartoonsTusmore Memorial Uniting Church
2001Passage IllustrationsTusmore Memorial Uniting Church
2002Norwood Morialta HS – comic strip Series 9Norwood Morialta HS
2002Sunshiners Program CartoonsTusmore Memorial Uniting Church
2002Cow (Project)Self Published
2003Sunshiners Program CartoonsTusmore Memorial Uniting Church
2004Adelaide Council Community Newsletter BBQ ComicAdelaide South West Community Centre
2005Cartooning Class – PostersAnglicare
2005Carmen the Candle – A Children’s Bookok Family Publishing
2005‘Be Thankful’ – A Newsletter ComicBurnside Christian Church
2005Matthew 6:24Burnside Christian Church
2005Global Education Centre: Global Tourism Education GuideGlobal Education Centre
2005‘Physical Education SACE 2′ – a PE Textbook (illustrations and cartoons)The Adelaide Tuition Centre
2005City Central – Government of South Australia: Wall MuralGovernment of SA
2006‘The Messenger’ cartoon Burnside Christian Church
2006‘Gossip Isn’t Cool’ – BCSA ComicsBible College of SA
2006Jesus: His Story – History? – illustrations and cartoonsScripture Union SA
2007TWIST: Digging into the Parables of Jesus – cartooning and animationsBible to Youth Forum
2008‘Tern of the Century’ – A Web ComicSelf Published
2009Pixel Puns – A Web ComicSelf Published
2009Award Certificate IllustrationsKidman Park Primary School
2009In His Footsteps – an illustration of JesusChurch Project
2010Thank You Card – illustration for BCSA Staff MemberSelf Published
2012Christmas Card cartoons – all organisation designsUniting Care Wesley Port Adelaide
2013TAFESA Annual – One Panel Teaching ComicsTAFESA
2014Instructional Design Cartoons – TAFESA ‘Cert IV in Youth Work’TAFESA
2014‘An Upside Down World’ – illustrations and cartoons for the Upside Down CircusUpside Down Circus
2014Upside Down Circus – Values Spinners (illustrations and cartoons)Upside Down Circus
2015Upside Down Circus – Apostle Paul Cartoon Flipbooks (unreleased)Upside Down Circus
2016Red Project: Red-themed illustrations and comicsRed
2016Uniting College Training Materials – Pastoral Care (cartoon and quiz)Uniting College for Leadership and Theology
2016Skypark – Band Picture
Featured on Band Facebook Page
Self Published
2016‘Jett & Mace: Knight Lights’ (A Jon & Tom Graphic Novel Adventure)Amazon
2017Ezekiel – Sermon IllustrationsBethel Christian Church
2018‘Life is a Marathon’ – Cartooning and Illustrations for JM@C Music VideoJM@C – YouTube
2019LIFE LOLS – web comicLIFE FM website
2020Lockdown Lance: A Social Distancing ComicSelf Published
2021LIFE LOLS – The BookSelf Published
2021Pixel Puns – The BookSelf Published
2021Kickin' It Ol Skool! Self Published
2021What a Scoop! 1997-2002 - The Best of Journalist JoeSelf Published
2021The Cow (The Book)Self Published
2021 (TBA)Jett & Mace – King Emrawld’s Crown (rerelease)Amazon
2021 (TBA)Jett & Mace – The Queen BeesAmazon
2021 (TBA)Jett & Mace – Pawns & PrawnsAmazon
2021 (TBA)Jett & Mace – The Big BattleAmazon
2021 (TBA)Jett & Mace – The Squareback CircusAmazon
2021 (TBA)Jett & Mace - The Colouring Book! Amazon
2021 (TBA)Jett & Mace - Where Are They? (Find Them In Every Picture)Amazon
2022 (TBA)The Bible Puzzle Megabook!?