JM@C Books

JM@C Books is my written works, rather than comics and cartooning. However, my illustrations will still be found in these books. The works below are primarily fictional, aimed at good fun and humour.

The New Zoo Crew

The New Zoo Crew (Released: TBA)

Jodie and Tobbs work in a zoo operated by Hensworth Toothpick. They are desperate to raise money so the animals will have the best place to live. But there are plans afoot, which Toothpick may or may not have something to do with (alright, he does). Will Jodie and Hobbs be able to transform the zoo before all the money disappears? Release date: TBA

Bobby Stretchmore

Bobby Stretchmore (Released: TBA)

What do you do when you’re trying to succeed in sport, but it seems like everyone else is cheating? Bobby is on a mission to try his very best, and it’s almost time for his event! Will he overcome his rivals? Can he represent his country and home town all the way to the finals? And who is that guy with the mask? Only one way to find out… read this book! Release date: TBA