JM@C Free Comics

JM@C Productions has been in writing, illustrating and publishing for 30 years, both in commissioned published works as well as independent releases.

But I want to encourage others to pursue their artistic skills too… and we all like something for free, right? So, this selection of comics below are absolutely FREE! Read and enjoy! 🙂


Tern of the Century (Released 2011) – free downloadable web comic (click button below)

Terry the Tern, the penguin, the whale… well, you know, it’s going to be fun no matter who you bump into down at the arctic. Or is it the antarctic? I didn’t see any ants there, did you? Anyhow… enjoy this free, funny web comic in eBook format.


LIFE LOLS (Released 2021) – free downloadable web comic (click button below)

As featured on the website of internationally syndicated radio channel LIFE-FM, this is “LIFE LOLS”! Yes… now you too can guffaw out loud without the slightest care about passers-by, and try and work out what that alien is actually doing in this book! Published in a cute A6 format, because why not? Why not indeed. Enjoy this free eBook!

Journalist Joe

What a Scoop! The Best of Journalist Joe (Released 2021) – free downloadable web comic (click button below)

A lost comic series, ‘Journalist Joe’ was created between 1997 and 2002, and completely forgotten about until 2021! So here is the best of the series, all collated in a journalism-themed book. Free to download right here in PDF form! What a scoop!


Pixel Puns (released 2021) – free downloadable web comic (click button below)

Enjoyed by social media pundits and comic lovers alike, PIXEL PUNS is a one way door into computer drawn hilarity. You’ll have to find your own way out, through over 30 pages of cartoon craziness in bright, coloured pixels. How’s that for a grabbing summary? GRAB! 🙂

Kickin’ It Ol Skool!

Kickin’ It Ol Skool (released 2021) – free downloadable web comic (click button below)

This is a series of fun, silly comics I made for school newsletters. They were published between 1997 and 2002. This is the pick of the greatest, all free to download and have fun with. Enjoy!