JM@C Comics

JM@C has been creating comics for… it seems like his whole life! Alright, not in the womb. But there was no paper available.

Anyway… you can find my graphic novel series Jett and Mace here. You can also find free comics like Lockdown Lance, Pixel Puns and Life LOLS (amongst others) on the website right here.

Comics currently being worked can be found below:

  • Jett and Mace – King Emrawld’s Crown (TBA)
  • Jett and Mace – The Queen Bees (TBA)
  • Jett and Mace – Pawns & Prawns (TBA)
  • Jett and Mace – The Big Battle (TBA)
  • Jett and Mace – The Squareback Circus (TBA)