Where did 2022 go?! Well, doesn’t matter, I hope you are all going absolutely fantastic! I’ve been busy making music, doing studio things, you know… it’s been a lot of fun and I’ve got a huge amount of JM@C Music projects I can’t wait to show you.

The first bit of news is that I’m endeavouring to release a new song each month into the stratosphere. How will that go? Hopefully everything will work out time-wise in that regard! We’ll see!

This month of 2023 (January) is a track named ‘Genesis’, all about God’s creation of the world. It’s available in online music stores and streaming!

Visual art and drawing has been more difficult to find time for lately, but there are a number of big projects very close to completion in the Jett and Mace space.

I’m also working steadily on the Bible Puzzle Project and Exodus is progressing. It’s such a good thing to keep reading the Word of God as I do this activity, which was one of my motivations.

Lastly, our new podcast The Art of Ministry has seen some wonderful guests. I hope you enjoy listening to each episode.

Again, keep well and thanks for your support. God bless, Jon

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Dear Lochy Cupit and Jonathan McQueen,
My name is Rick Sorenson. I live in the USA.
I came across your page on Christian Podcasters. I went to the Art of Ministry website and listened to both Jonathan and Lochy’s Artistic Journey episodes. I also come from an artistic background. I agree with Lochy’s dissatisfaction with the word, “journey,” and feel “development” a better word to use. I think there is much we agree upon.
I had to leave my message on JM@C Productions because I did not easily find a way to contact you on Facebook or on the Art Of Ministry website.
I am a visual artist turned author and I wrote a book, Art: The Church’s Response, whose purpose is to challenge people’s assumptions on art by exploring a biblical view of art, even to examine the Hebrew and Greek words the Bible uses. I wrote it for the creative person who wants to have a biblical view of their creativity and its outcome, i.e., our works. And I wrote it for the pastor or leader so they may knowledgably support the creative individuals in their care. I tried to bring clarity to topics that often are confusing.
As I listened to your podcast, I thought you may be willing to review my book. Also, Art/s and Theology (in Australia) said they would publish a review of my book, but would not review it themselves. They prefer an Australian point of view, which I agree would be good. If you are willing, please let me know.
Below is the book description if you are interested.
Art: The Church’s Response explores what the biblical perspective is towards creativity and the arts by examining the Hebrew and Greek words the Bible uses touching on various art concepts. While considering the biblical perspective, Rick Sorenson (a creative) includes a historic and aesthetic context, presenting the arts as a wholistic attitude, because art is more than just visual, encompassing all the arts of music, drama, dance, and writing. The Bible states we are to test all things, so the basis for testing works is examined. Putting our works and other’s works to the test, we upgrade our outlook.
This book looks at some societal constraints that prevent people from functioning as the Creator intends. To overcome the indoctrination taught throughout society, the author clears the confusion surrounding creativity, inspiration, and the creative process, while considering who is our audience. How we impart significance into works is also explored. When we apply these art concepts, we develop an enhanced maturity in our journey with God.

This is not a book of theory, but applied knowledge, which everyone expresses through their works.
Thank you for taking the time to read my email.
Jonathan and Lochy, all that you are doing is important. Thank you for helping the Church reconcile to this part of God’s image He imparted to us.
Rick Sorenson

PS. I will share the Amazon link, so you may see the book cover and read the Introduction if interested.
Art: The Church’s Response – Kindle edition by Sorenson, Rick. Arts & Photography Kindle eBooks @

Hi Rick, thanks for your comments! Great to meet another person interested in sharing Jesus through the arts. We appreciate your kind words. I’ll keep an eye out for your book!

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