Jett & Mace

Jett and Mace is JMAC Productions’ flagship graphic novel series. It has been running for 30 years and exists for both young (and young at heart) to enjoy!

Book 1: ‘Knight Lights

‘Jett & Mace – Knight Lights’

“I love this book…”

***** Amazon Reviewer

“You’ll be up all knight reading it!”

***** Amazon Reviewer

Get immersed in the first graphic novel release of ‘Jett and Mace’ – KNIGHT LIGHTS!

With 5 star reviews all round on Amazon, ‘Jett & Mace: Knight Lights’ is available in eBook or hard copy. The eBook is under $5, and if you buy the hard copy, you get the eBook free!

Colouring Book

‘Jett & Mace: Colouring Book’ – free download

Released in 2021, it’s the FREE and remastered ‘Jett & Mace: Colouring Book’! Have fun colouring in lots of pictures of main characters and others, plus some images that are yet to be released post-2021. It’s perfectly okay to print this book as often as you like, for as many people as you like. The download link is below!