JM@C Bible Resources

I have been creating Bible resources for over 25 years, for a number of church and parachurch organisations. You can see my past work in the History area, or individual samples at my Blogfolio Archive.

But this year, I’m starting a number of new projects! Below is going to be the biggest one of my career… a 1189 puzzle set covering every Book of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation!

Bible Puzzle Megabook!

Book sample: Genesis, Chapter 1 – Solve the Word Find!

Does your church have activities for children to do? What about that 10 minutes at the end of the Sunday School lesson?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Released in instalments covering every Book and chapter of the Bible, the Bible Puzzle Megabook is 100% kid friendly, and will keep children busy for hours. Oh, and adults too. Hey, puzzles are for everyone!

Release date TBA