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Worldwide EP

The ‘Worldwide EP’ is themed around sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ around the planet. Experimental beats, EDM, spoken-word, rock, ambient, instrumental… a multi-genre feast!

Singles: God Will Make A Way & Every Nation

Album #9: Worldwide EP (2024)

Chillax EP

It’s a JM@C chillout mini-album and it’s FREE! Yes, as a special gift for Christmas, download this EP on Bandcamp for absolutely nothing. Or, stream it at your favourite streaming network.

Singles: In Your Hands

Album #8: Chillax EP (2023)

Solid Ground (Maxi Single)

A maxi-single featuring Hadyn Jones and JM@C. As well as two biblical ‘spoken word’ tracks, hear ‘Solid Ground’ in 3 styles: the original, an orchestral remix, and a guitar-laden instrumental!

Singles: Solid Ground & Solid Ground (Orchestral Remix)

Album #7: Solid Ground (Maxi Single) (2023)

Remixes EP

The exciting ‘Remixes EP’ is chock full of remixes of classic tracks! Experience a 23rd Anniversary remix of Techknow, a re-imagining of the 2023 track Breathe, and three additional unique remixes.

Singles: Techknow (23rd Anniversary Remix) & Breathe (Groove Remix)

Album #6: Remixes EP (2023)

Heart Song 23 Festival Setlist

JM@C’s first ‘LIVE’ album includes his 3 Heart Song Festival Adelaide set-lists. 12 brand new deejay tracks and 4 previously released singles!

Singles: Deepest Love (Cover Me) & New Beginning (Everything is New)

Album #5: HeartSong 23 Festival Setlist (2023)

Seasons EP

A musical celebration of the 4 seasons, with a concluding track expressing the peace that Jesus gives us all year around.

Single: The Peace of Christ

Seasons EP (2022)

Best Of… Instrumentals 2000-2020

JM@C’s best instrumentals from 2000-2020. Available on Spotify, Apple Music and more! And, FREE on Bandcamp!

Best Of… Instrumentals 2000-2020 (2022)

Instrumentals 2016-2020

A collection of 12 brand new instrumental songs. Contains a free ‘JM@C – Instrumentals: 2016-2020’ poster!

Singles: Jungle Zipline & Back to Orbit

Album #2: Instrumentals: 2016-2020 (2021)

Instrumentals 2000-2015

12 instrumental tracks from a 15 year timeframe. Contains a free ‘JM@C – Instrumentals: 2000-2015’ poster!

Singles: Waterfall & Techknow

Instrumentals 2000-2015 (2020)


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