JM@C Music

Welcome to JM@C Music! All albums can be found on iTunes and BandCamp. Instrumental albums will always be ‘pay what you want’ on Bandcamp!

Current releases include my two Instrumental albums. Coming very soon are my “Past, Present, Future” trilogy – Journey, Urgent Broadcast and Future! And another mystery release: Ride On!

6. Future

Futuristic sounds and unexpected diversity. Designed to give you a really different sound to blast in your speakers. It’s like an album from 2105… or at least it’s designed that way!

ALBUM #6: JM@C – Future (Releasing soon in 2022)

5. Journey

A 20 year old Technics keyboard, audio recorder, gritty samples and overlaid synth… this is the ‘retro’ album of the “Past, Present, Future” trilogy. Nothing but old school sounds and heavy experimentation!

ALBUM #5: JM@C – Journey (Releasing soon in 2022)

4. Ride On

Another big set of tracks to nod your head to! ‘Ride On’ is the follow-up to ‘Urgent Broadcast’, with 20 new songs to press play to!

ALBUM #4: JM@C – Ride On (Releasing soon in 2022)

3. Urgent Broadcast

A diverse mix of hip-hop, ambient, rock, experimental and electronica. Short, punchy tunes to get you nodding your head, bumping your speakers, getting your praise on… just listen and see!

ALBUM #3: JM@C – Urgent Broadcast (Releasing soon in 2022)

2. Instrumentals 2016-2020

16 new instrumental songs, including alternative mixes of past and future tracks. Out now!

ALBUM #2: JM@C – Instrumentals 2016-2020 (Released 2021)
Listen to ‘Back to Orbit’ from Instrumentals 2016-2020

1. Instrumentals 2000-2015

JM@C’s first album, a collection of twelve instrumental tracks from a 15 year timeframe. Includes a free poster with download! Out now!

JM@C – Instrumentals 2000-2015 (Released 2020)

“…very pleasant…”

Stephen R, album listener

“Some nice stuff there Jon…”

Phil G, album listener
Listen to ‘Waterfall’ from Instrumentals 2000-2015


Download album posters here. Great for any wall.